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 For those who want to raid and bitch about not getting invites

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PostSubject: For those who want to raid and bitch about not getting invites   Fri Jan 09, 2009 11:10 am

Listen, this is what is not going to happen: you hit 80, are decked out in quest reward greens and blues, and expect to have your hand held into raiding purples.

This isn't a fucking babysitting service.

Every person who is a core raider right now, including myself, had to grind heroics, and about 90% of the time with PUGs. I replaced every single piece of armor I had with very good blues or purples from heroic drops and badges before I even stepped foot in Naxx. This isn't Kara right before an expansion. Raid groups can not afford to be gimped to fuck with people doing a shitty job tanking, a shitty job healing, and sub 1000 DPS. DPS should be consistently around the 2K mark. If you don't have recount installed, get it. If you don't know about, familiarize yourself with it. Run heroics, get gear that isn't a fucking joke, don't be afraid to press the "i" key and spam trade chat with LFG requests.

Defense cap isn't everything. We just had a tank be forcibly removed from the guild because, although he was defense capped, he sucked. Our raid DPSers could pull aggro from him with auto attacks. GENERATE THREAT. GET THREAT ENCHANTS. Don't come in saying "I'm def capped, I'm hit capped" and expect that to be your ticket into raids. Pay your dues like everyone else who is raiding right now and take the initiative to run some fucking heroics. If you want to have your hand held, go pay Ropetown to 9man raids for you and let you sweep the gear.

Find a guild willing to hold your hand through raids and make you the exclusive reason for raiding if you don't want to spend some time gearing yourself up. Let me tell you, they don't exist.
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PostSubject: Re: For those who want to raid and bitch about not getting invites   Fri Jan 09, 2009 2:59 pm

as shyk said... and i'll throw out some personal numbers..

the only piece of raiding gear i have is the t7.5 legs that dropped on my first 25man vault run. Apart from that i have ZERO raiding epics and i constantly produce 2200+ dps every boss fight.

Now if you're sitting there saying "i cant do that because i dont have phat 25 man lootz" im gonna punch you in the fucking mouth. is your friend... but it is a guide, dont follow it to the tooth, use it wisely.

I aint saying im gifted or special... i grind, i put my work in just so people cant point fingers at me saying im the weak link.

BTW, i have no problem calling anyone out in gchat, wispers, on trade channel... why? because im an asshole and you're gonna get better by me pushing you. Now grow some balls, get geared, and prove to me you're not a fucking gimp pussy ass bitch.
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For those who want to raid and bitch about not getting invites
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